Gold & silver for crisis preparedness

Gold & Silber für die Krisenvorsorge
Crisis preparedness goes beyond stockpiling food and also includes considering how assets can be protected in times of possible financial and currency collapse. You often hear the argument: "You can't eat gold." This is undoubtedly true, but in a broader perspective the questions arise: How to preserve wealth during a crisis? What works as a means of payment even in times of crisis?

A thought experiment makes it clear that in practice other considerations are in the foreground. Instead of exchanging gold for a bottle of water, the more realistic question arises: How can (even large) assets be preserved in a crisis? Here the answer is: silver and gold. Why?

Tradition as a store of value: Gold has a tradition going back thousands of years as a store of value and means of payment, regardless of wars, natural disasters or social upheavals.

Preservation of purchasing power: In contrast to paper money or bank deposits, gold retains its purchasing power because it cannot be arbitrarily increased or inflated away.

Value density and storability: With its high value density, gold is suitable as a store of value for large assets. In addition, it does not spoil and can be stored indefinitely.

Robustness and compactness: Gold cannot break, is easy to transport, compact and easy to hide. Also available in small denominations, such as 1 gram bars.

In a crisis, good exchangeability is crucial, which is why you should pay attention to small denominations and a high level of popularity when buying gold. Because of its lower value density, silver is particularly suitable for smaller barter transactions.

Recommended Precious Metal Investments:

  • Krugerrand gold in small denominations (1/4 ounce or 1/10 ounce)
  • Maple Leaf Silver in Small Denominations (1 Ounce)
  • Silver coin tablets, 100 x 1 gram
  • Gold bar, 100 x 1 gram
  • Small gold bar sizes (1 - 5 grams)

Tip: Compare prices before buying, for example on If you want to buy gold, you can save money.

Investing in precious metals not only offers security in times of crisis. As tangible assets, they preserve assets and enable them to be passed on from generation to generation. Financial experts recommend investing between 5 - 15% of your total assets in precious metals.

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