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Are you looking for an uncomplicated but effective water filter for outdoor use? Do you want to kill viruses and bacteria in the water? Water filters can be beneficial in a variety of situations and allow you to purify water from rivers or streams. Discover with us now!


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Miniwell Wasserfilter L610 Miniwell
Miniwell L620 Wasserfilterflasche: Survival & Outdoor
Miniwell L630 Outdoor Wasserfilter-Set
Miniwell Schwerkraft-Wasserfiltrationssystem L605G Miniwell
Ersatzfilter für Miniwell L610 Miniwell
Straw Wasserfilter mit Aktivkohle
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Vollautomatischer Wasserfilter prepper-store.com
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Lixada 500 ml faltbare Trinkwasserflasche mit Filter Flasche mit Filter Lixada
Tragbarer Wasserbeutel 8L prepper-store.com
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PH-Messgerät, Alkalisch & Sauer Teststift
TDS & EC Wassertester
Sale priceCHF 15.95

Survival, camping or trekking: clean drinking water is essential

A filter for water treatment offers you the opportunity to prepare your own drinking water. If you find water in a stream, river or lake, it may contain pathogens. It is not uncommon for contaminants, bacteria and viruses to be found in water. Stale water is also not a safe source of water because germs form here over time. When it comes to crisis preparedness, outdoor filter bottles are essential because they ensure your drinking water supply. You can also use water filters for camping. With them you can prepare water at any time and are completely self-sufficient. Once you have your water supply, you can reliably filter water from nature and then use it for drinking and cooking.

wasserfilter survival outdoor camping prepper store

Outdoor water filter: Clean water from a filter

If you don't have any experience with water filters, you'll quickly learn how to use them. Outdoor water filters are easy to use and particularly efficient. There are different types of water filters. If you choose a smaller model, you run the water to be cleaned through the filter using a hose. Simply place another bottle at the other end of the filter or drink directly from the tube. The filter performance cleans the water and can then be drunk directly. There are also water filter bottles for outdoor use. If you fill water into the bottle, viruses, bacteria and other impurities in the water are killed immediately and you no longer have to refill it. The filter material ensures that even chlorine, lead and mercury in the water are reduced.

wasserfilter survival outdoor camping prepper store

Compact drinking water filters for a wide variety of scenarios

We offer you a large selection of products for outdoor drinking water treatment. For example, you can do thisMiniwell L630 outdoor water filter setbuy. The filter is particularly small and can therefore be easily transported - making it an uncomplicated solution for crisis preparation as well as camping or an expedition. It filters up to 99.99% of all bacteria and can treat up to 2,000 liters of water. It does not require any chemical materials. You can use the filter extensively thanks to the included hose, such as connecting it to bottles or drinking directly from a river. We also offer you the survival water filterMiniwell water filter L610at. This complete set contains a filter for pumping and two long hoses. You can easily store the outdoor water filter in the bag provided.

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