What is a Prepper?

Was ist ein Prepper?

In recent years, interest in crisis preparation, also known as “prepping,” has increased significantly. The idea behind prepping is to prepare for unexpected situations, be it a natural disaster, economic uncertainty, or other crisis scenarios. In this blog post we take a look at the world of preppers and the different materials that are important for a comprehensive emergency supply.

Understanding the World of Preppers:
Preppers are people who actively prepare for crisis situations by taking various measures to strengthen their survival skills. This includes not only gathering emergency supplies, but also learning survival skills, making evacuation plans, and more.

Emergency supplies

a. Food supplies:
An essential part of any emergency stockpile is a sufficient amount of long-lasting food. This includes canned goods, dry foods, nuts, grains and long-life dairy products. It is important to ensure a balanced diet.

b. Drinking water:
Water is vital, and preppers ensure they have enough drinking water for their family. This can be achieved by storing water bottles, using water filters or collecting rainwater.

c. First aid kit:
A well-equipped first aid kit is essential. It should contain bandages, disinfectants, medications, painkillers and other important items.

d. Tools and Equipment:
Tools like pocket knives, multi-tools, headlamps, fire starters and outdoor gear are crucial. These not only help in dealing with emergency situations, but also in setting up a temporary home.

e. Means of communication:
In a crisis, communication is crucial. Preppers often have emergency radios, two-way radios and other means of communication to stay in touch and receive important information.

f. Financial preparation:
In addition to physical supplies, preppers also value financial preparation. This may include building savings, investing in precious metals, or other stores of value.

Important considerations for aspiring preppers

a. Planning and organization:
Having a detailed emergency plan is crucial. This includes evacuation strategies, contact persons and the exact location of emergency supplies.

b. Rotation of stocks:
Food has an expiration date and it is important to check and renew supplies regularly to ensure they are fresh and ready to use.

c. Community bond:
Prepper communities can be valuable resources. Sharing information, skills and resources with other preppers can increase your chances of survival.


Crisis preparation is more than just a hobby - it is a way of life aimed at protecting yourself and your loved ones in difficult times. Through careful selection of emergency supplies and thoughtful planning, preppers can minimize risk and prepare for the unexpected.

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