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Do you spend a lot of time outdoors or do you like camping? Are you looking for a sharp and high-quality outdoor knife? You can use knives in a variety of ways in the wilderness. We offer you various knives that you can use wonderfully for camping or crisis preparation. Discover now!


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Dispatch Survival & Outdoor Messer: Rutschfester Griff Dispatch
Mini Emergency Messer, Pocket-Messer Grünes Messer prepper-store.com

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Multifunktionales Edelstahl-Kleinmesser prepper-store.com
Mini-Messer Halskette: Camping-Edelstahl-Ornament prepper-store.com
4-in-1 Mini-Messer-Schleifstein
Tragbarer multifunktionaler Schleifstein prepper-store.com
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TP2307/TP2309 Magnetischer Rollschleifer prepper-store.com
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Outdoor knife for camping & survival

Outdoor knives are an important tool in nature. Whether camping, survival or crisis preparation: outdoor knives are an important companion in the wilderness. You can use them to cut rope, open cans, or carve. If you regularly spend time in nature, you will often find yourself in situations where you need a sharp tool. Survival knives have the advantage that they can be used in an incredibly versatile manner and are small in size. This means you can easily store your outdoor pocket knife: it is lightweight, takes up little space and can therefore also be stored in smaller backpacks.

messer survival outdoor camping prepper store

Various knives as tools

If you are looking for a camping knife, you will find different models online. We offer you outdoor knives with a fixed blade: They come with a matching bag so that you can safely store and transport your knife at any time. Our knives are all particularly robust and of high quality. This makes them a long-term companion for you on all your excursions into the wilderness. They are sharp enough to cut knives, food and smaller branches. Some of the knives we offer also have non-slip rubber handles so that you can use them safely and prevent them from slipping while cutting. After use, you can easily store the knives in the included cases and put them in your backpack, for example.

messer survival outdoor camping prepper store

Sharp, high quality knives

From us you can buy pocket knives and combat knives that impress with their excellent quality. This is particularly popularDispatch survival & outdoor knife, hunting knife with non-slip handle. The knife is characterized by its rubber handle with an ergonomic structure. The handle is non-slip and allows you to handle it precisely and comfortably. This significantly reduces the risk of injury. The stainless steel blade is particularly robust and sharp. The survival knife comes with a square sheath. The knife is black and has a choice of green or beige handle. Also our outdoor knifeMini emergency knife, pocket knifeis a good companion for your next trip into nature. The knife can be used in a variety of ways and even offers you the option of easily attaching it. This means you always have your knife at hand.

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