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Tactical equipment must meet high standards: it should be robust, versatile and functional. We offer you a large selection of different products for outdoor fans, survival enthusiasts and professionals. Whether it's clothing, bags or helmets: you're sure to find what you're looking for with us. Buy your tactical gear now!


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Premium taktische Kugelsichere Weste: NIJ-IIIA Ballistikschutz prepper-store.com

2 colors available

Stufe 5 Anti-Schnitt-Weste: EN388 HPPE prepper-store.com
Stichsichere Weste aus Manganstahl prepper-store.com
Stufe IIIA Kugelsichere Weste: Taktische Panzerung prepper-store.com
Schnittfeste Selbstverteidigungskleidung: Atmungsaktiv, versteckt prepper-store.com
Save CHF 50.00
Ballistischer Helm Raptor FAST NIJ IIIA 3A, kugelsicher, 9 mm, 44 Mag prepper-store.com

3 colors available

Kugelsichere Maske / Taktisches Militärglas IIIA 20-22MM prepper-store.com
Vollschutzmaske mit Helm / Paintball, Airsoft Maske 1 prepper-store.com

3 colors available

W-Ronin taktischer Sturmhelm: Kommunikations-Headset, Antibeschlag-Lüfter prepper-store.com
ArmorSafe NIJ IIIA: Kugelsicherer Rucksack mit Einsatzplatte prepper-store.com
Handgehaltener kugelsicherer PE-Schild NIJ IIIA Level prepper-store.com
Taktische Sturmhaube / Vollgesichtsmaske prepper-store.com

20 colors available

IDOGEAR Outdoor / Airsoft-Cap, Militär Kopfbedeckung Idogear

11 colors available

IDOGEAR G3-Kampfuniform mit Ellbogen- und Knieschützern Idogear
Tarnkleidung, Jagdkleider, 3D Mantel prepper-store.com

5 colors available

IDOGEAR Tactical LSR 9mm Magazintasche Idogear

5 colors available

IDOGEAR Taktische mehrfach Magazintasche Idogear

5 colors available

Schrotflinten-Munitionsbeutel: Hinterschaft, 5 Kugeln prepper-store.com
Robuste Munitionskiste: Leicht, luft- und wasserdicht prepper-store.com
Taktische Militärstiefel Herren / Combat Swat Stiefel Schwarz / 36 prepper-store.com

2 colors available

Tarnfarben-Set / Tarnschminke für taktische Einsätze prepper-store.com
5M/10M Multifunktionales Camouflage Tape prepper-store.com

10 colors available

Rhino Rescue R9 20L Militär-Taktischer Rucksack: Erste-Hilfe Rhino Rescue
Sold out
Rhino Rescue Mehrzweck-Notfalltrage Rhino Rescue

High quality tactical gear for outdoors

Tactical equipment can be useful in a variety of situations. If you like spending time in nature, then you need the right equipment. When camping or hiking, appropriate clothing is essential so that you can move around in the wilderness as best as possible. This also applies if you do a survival weekend. With the right survival equipment, you can disappear between the trees and camouflage yourself as best as possible. With the right medical equipment you are also prepared for emergencies and can treat minor wounds. Last but not least, prepper equipment is also essential for crisis preparation. That's why it's worth it if you delve deeper into the topic.

taktische ausrüstung survival outdoor camping prepper store

Helmets, masks & other equipment

Our range of outdoor equipment includes various helmets that protect your head from shocks. This includes, for example,ballistic helmet Raptor Fast Ninja. The model is bulletproof and meets all NIH IIIA standards. This means you can use the helmet for a wide variety of projects. It offers you several elements to which you can attach a helmet lamp, hearing protection or night vision device, for example. You will also find this in our rangeW-Ronin tactical assault helmet. It comes with an anti-fog fan and a communication headset. Such tactical helmets are also used by the military, the Bundeswehr, the police and other authorities. You can also use them for paintball or airsoft and add them to your survival gear. You will find other masks, helmets, caps, balaclavas and much more in our range.

taktische ausrüstung survival outdoor camping prepper store

Vests, uniforms & backpacks

We have additional outdoor equipment on offer for you. Protecting your upper body is a top priority. Ourmilitary tactical bulletproof vestoffers you a strong layer of protection. It meets the NIJ IIA class - it is light, functional and offers you reliable protection. The vest has a stretch Velcro system and can therefore be worn discreetly. It is suitable for private individuals as security equipment and for crisis preparation. If you would like to complete your survival equipment, we also recommend oursCombat uniform with elbow and knee pads. The combat suit is made of high quality nylon and cotton material. It offers you maximum freedom of movement and strong protection at the same time. Feel free to take a look around our shop and order more survival equipment with the right accessories.

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